Stockholm - Västerbron

Västerbron, the Western Bridge, is a long bridge (about 600 meters), that connects Södermalm to Långholmen to Kungsholmen. It is one of the primary places spectators go to cheer for their friends running in the Stockholm Marathon. The Västerbron also shows up in Swedish pop culture. The bridge offers a beautiful view of Gamla Stan (the old town), as well as Stockholm City. Capturing the view is beyond my skill as a photographer but here are my attempts. The first picture is of Stadshuset (city hall) which I took from Södermalm on my way to the bridge. It is on the southern shore of the city. The Stadshuset is considered by some to be Sweden's biggest architectural project of the 20th century. The city hall was designed by Ragnar Östberg and construction was completed in 1923. Östberg is considered the leading architect of the Swedish National Romantic style. The annual Nobel Prize jamboree takes place in the Stadshuset. The next picture is just a small segment of the Västerbron. I included a picture of ice that I decided to look artsy. Finally a picture of Gamla Stan from the Västerbron. The woods to the right is a piece of the island Långholmen and Gamla Stan is the horizon.