Stockholm - Vasamuseet

The Vasa was a Swedish warship built in 1626 that made it a total of 1,500 meters before tipping over and sinking. In the 1960's it was pulled out of the water and for 17 year sprayed with chemicals to preserve it. It is nearly 95% intact and the museum, Vasamuseet, has been built around it. The ship looks like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean but, as you can see from the model, it was actually painted bright red and yellow. Up close it looks like it actually was pretty tacky. It is difficult to take pictures of because it is so glossy, due to the preservation chemicals, and the lighting is so dim, to keep it from decaying. I used my point-and-click Canon Powershot 300HS for these. I sat my camera down on shelves and railings.