Stockholm - Stadsbiblioteket

The Stadsbiblioteket is the city library and it has a very Swedish look to it. A lot of buildings in Stockholm are painted in a few colors that are either orange, like the library here, or more yellow as you can see in the background to the right of the library. They also tend to have some cylindric aspect to them. In this case a cylinder is coming out of the top of the library. The library is considered Erik Gunnar Asplund's master work. The library was opened in 1928 and the architectural style became popular in the 30's, known as "Functionalist" (according to my travel guide). The inside of the library is known for having intricate furnishings, many also designed by Asplund. These pictures are from a steep hill behind the library which also has a statue of a centaur. While the pictures themselves aren't remarkable the library is an important building in Stockholm. Unfortunately I could not hang around trying to snap pictures for very long because it was so cold and windy. I had trouble feeling my fingers just after a few minutes.