Stockholm - Nordiska Museet

Nordiska museet (Nordic museum) is a museum, created by Artur Hazelius, meant to portray the everyday life of Sweden from the 1520s to present day. Artur is also the creator of Skansen and the two are practically right next to each other on the island of Djurgården. Artur began collecting items for the museum in 1872 and the museum was opened in 1907, six years after his death. The museum was designed by Isak Gustaf Clason. The museum is a short bike ride from my apartment so I brought my, recently purchased, 70 - 300mm lens to take some pictures. Here I have some pictures of the museum taken from from the city across the water. There were also a few swans sitting on the ice. The new lens is great and works just as well as the reviews said it would. You can see it loses some of its sharpness on maximum zoom, which is what many reviews warned of. But, for the money, it's a good buy for an amateur.