NASA - A Human Adventure


NASA - A Human Adventure is in town for a few months. This exhibit is about the US and Soviet Union space programs using a mix of artifacts and replicas of items from the space programs. Most of it focuses on the US program, which we know more about, and the Apollo program because we, as a species, haven't been so active in space much after that. The exhibit is fantastic. It's amazing to be with actual objects that were actually in space. It is a shame that we have taken several decades off from advancing our position in space and becoming a species that doesn't just live on one planet.




Classic Soviet space program poster.


This terrible picture gives a relative scale of various rockets.


My watch compared to one of the real ones that went into space. The Omega Speedmaster watch is one of several watches qualified by NASA for use in space and remains the only watch qualified for EVAs.


The Soviet space program doesn't get a lot of attention these days but this is a replica of one of the lunar rover's that the Soviet Union successfully landed on the moon in the Lunokhod programme.


Don't let anyone ever tell you that space program never lead to anything beneficial for mankind.


Apollo 13 is probably one of those most dramatic space missions, possibly rivaling the Apollo 11 moon landing. One of the many issues that needed to be solved during Apollo 13 was making the air breathable by scrubbing the carbon dioxide. The crew was forced to live in the Lunar Module for most of the trip, but the LM was only designed to support two people for a short period of time. As a result, the carbon dioxide scrubbers weren't able to keep up with three people in it for several days. Unfortunately, the LM took round CO2 scrubber cartridges and the Command Module took square cartridges. The engineers at NASA literally have to figure out how to fit a square cartridge in a round hole using only what the astronauts have, which is one of my favorite scenes in the film. Item 4 in this picture is the square cartridge and item 5 is the round hole they have to fit it into.


This is a gyroscope used in the Apollo ships.